Sunday, May 25, 2008



Rest Day


Rest Day

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Steve Caddy said...

Hey, I just read your post in the CF main site comments:

Has anyone, especially women, experienced this lack of BW loss? What is the fix? She's frustrated, but not so much that she's thinking about quitting.

Any help will be appreciated.

I'm not female, but since starting CF and going Paleo/Zone I've leaned out a bit, put on some muscle and in spite of my fitness levels numbers changing dramatically (deadlift from 80 to 120kg, squat from 50 to 85kg, pullups from zero to 12) my weight hasn't shifted at all.

As Robb Wolf would say, the issue isn't that she's not losing weight, it's that weight is an incredibly poor indicator of fitness, health or even beauty. It's a poor correlate to any of those things outside of some very gross margins (i.e. obesity or malnutrition). Inside a generally healthy range, weight is just an arbitrary measure: That number is what you weigh. It is not how fast you are, not how strong you are, not how good you feel, not how good you look, not how healthy you are, not even how lean, it isn't how good you look and it sure as hell isn't how other people look at you.

My advice to your friend is to get off the scales and find a better yardstick to measure her progress and set her goals.

I hope that helps.