Monday, September 28, 2009


Morning @ FitWorks:

At the top of every minute, perform 5 power snatches. For the rest of the minute, do burpees. Continue until you have completed 100 burpees.

Time: 16:51
*Oh god did that suck...



Morning @ CF Nasti:

500m Row (1:45 pace)

Deadlift 3x5
Loads: 295/295/295
Deadlift 1x12
Load: Forgot to do...

Leaving every 2 minutes, run 200m. 4 Rounds.
Times (in seconds): 33/31/33/33

1 min on/1 min off:
L-Rope Climb: 2
Rope Climb: 7
Rope Climb 6


9/27 was a CF Rest Day

Afternoon @ CF Nasti:
2 Rounds:
Samson Stretch
10 Pullups
10 Pushups
10 GHD Situps
10 Squats
BS 5x45
BS 3x135

Back Squat 5x3
Loads: 220/225/230F(1)/230F/220

AMRAP in 10 min:
10 KB Swings, 2 pood
15 Ring Dips
Rounds: 7 (+5)
*Goal was 5 and the attitude was very positive throughout. Dips, as suspected, killed me. I tried to keep a pace of 2 to 3 each go. All swings unbroken. And no squatting down feeling sorry for myself.

Skin the Cat, from a full hang: 6/4/4


Morning @ UF:
"Fight Gone Bad!"
Score: 302 (PR)
*Box jumps were a ton easier, scoring in the low thirties. Not having a good coach there to push me was the failing part. Push presses still destroy me, tallying only around 15 per round. Row wasn't that great because of the transition too.

Check out the deadlift videos on my YouTube page and offer suggestions. I think I am still bringing my ass up too high on the initial lift.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


CF Rest Day

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Sleep: 8.75 hrs sleep

Afternoon @ UF:

500m Row (1:41 pace)
Kicks 'n stuff
12 Pullups
12 Pushups
12 GHD Situps
12 Back Extensions

2 Rounds:
25 Pullups
25 Pushups
25 Situps
25 Squats
Time: 4:47

Practice: Spent some time working on double unders and finally found the key: Relax! If you look ahead, relax your face and jump just as high as you normally do for a single under, all you have to do is flick faster.

Also knocked out 1x3, each side, of 53# Turkish Get Ups

Monday, September 21, 2009


9/22 was a weird Rest Day (7.5 hrs sleep)

Sleep: 7 hrs

Afternoon @ UF:

500m Row (1:47 pace)
10 Box Jumps, 23"
10 Clapping Pushups
10 Double Unders
5x135 Deadlift
3x225 Deadlift

Deadlift 3x3
Loads: 305/310/315
Deadlift 12-9-6
Loads: 255/265/275
*Form was questionable. Video will be posted for evaluation and comments.

2 Rounds:
400m Run
30 KB Swings, 1.5 pood
Time: 5:58 ... we think.
*Amy can't count or work a TimeBoss. I was aiming for around 4 minutes. I don't think I was that slow...

Post: Ice the lower back. That's a shit ton of deadlifts.


Sleep: 9.5 hrs

Afternoon @ UF:
2 Rounds:
10 Partner ball situps
15 Back extensions

Back Squat 3x5
Loads: 205/210/215 (PR)
*I'm supposed to quit if I hit a PR on the second set, but was feeling really good. With a spotter, I'm pretty sure I can manage 225.

Row 250m
5 Clean & Jerk, 135#
25 Wall Ball Shots, 20#
5 C&J
25 WB
5 C&J
25 WB
Row 250m
Time: 9:09
*C&J done in singles. Very upsetting, though for the first time since beginning CF, all jerks were push jerks. A very big step for me. Also managed to tweak my left knee a little. With some ice, it should be good for tomorrow's activities.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

9/19 - 9/20

CF Rest Days

FTX down in Ft. Knox.


Sleep: 7 hrs

Morning @ CF Ft Knox (Gammon Gym)
300m Row
10 Ring Dips
10 Pullups
10 Squats
10 GHD Situps
10 Back Extensions

Front Squat 5x3
Loads: 195/195/200(poor form)/200/205
*Done with Puma's, not my lifting shoes.

Back Squat 1x20
Load: 165 (body weight) PR
*Done in socks. Pretty damn happy about this.

200 Double Unders for time.
Time: 6:44

2 Rope climbs (1 footless)
2 Muscle Ups
1 Climb up rope ladder

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


CF Rest Day


Morning @ UF:
800m Run
2 Rounds:
10 K2E
10 Pullups
10 Pushups

3 Rounds, leaving every 6 minutes:
12 Thrusters, 95#
Run 400m
Times: 2:11/2:13/2:14
*For the first time in my god damn life, thrusters didn't feel like the worst things in the world. All unbroken.

Post: 43 unbroken pushups

Later, evening:
Run/Walk about 1 mile
5 Hill Sprints, ~50m, steep grade
2x10 HSPU

Then soaked my feet in an ice bath. 20 sec on, 40 sec off. 5 times. If Dick Cheney asks, ice baths are torture ... but go ahead with'em anyway.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Afternoon @ UF:
3 Rounds:
5 Box Jump, 31"
10 Clapping Pushups

Deadlift 3x3
Loads: 295/305/315. Loads felt solid.
Deadlift 1x15
Load: Forgot to do it.

AMRAP in 8 min:
8 KB Swings, 2 pood
12 GHD Situps
Rounds: 7 (+4+3). All unbroken. Feel really good about knocking this WOD outta the park.

Practice: Handstand work


9/13 was a CF Rest Day

Afternoon @ UF:
Run 400
Max DU: 21/16/8
Snatch Work
Back squat 3x115

CFSB: Back Squat 3x3
Loads: 215/220/225 (3 Rep PR)

5 Rounds:
135# Power Clean, 5 Reps
10 Pullups, Chest-t0-Bar
Time: 5:33
*Way too fuckin slow. Met that god damn "quit demon" during the second round. Then, all I could think of was DNF. Three letters I didn't want to post. Sometimes the challenge isn't in the weights, but in the mental task. Glad I finished.

Post: Handstands and tumbles

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Afternoon @ UF:

5 attempts at max double unders: 2/5/10/16/9

"Olympic Total"
1RM Clean & Jerk: 185 (15# PR)
*Rundown: 135/165/175F/175/180F/180/190F/190F/185 not oly lift meet standards, but got it up...had to press it out at the top a lil.)
1RM Squat Snatch: 150 (20# PR)
*Rundown: 115/125F/125/130/135/140/145/150F/150/155F

Post: Max Wattage on ergometer: 3 attempts. 784 was the max

9/7 - 9/11

I begin again. With this in mind.

Spent the week on the beach in St. John, USVI. Got some serious sun, sleep, and enough booze and bad carbs to set me straight for a while. It's amazing how shitty you feel after throwing sugar in your gas tank for multiple days. I did, however, get two workouts in for shits and giggles.

Tabata Pushups: 95 total

CFSB: Wife Squat (on the back) 2x5

Swim to red buoy and back
21 Burpees
Swim to green buoy and back
15 Burpees
Swim to green buoy and back
15 Burpees
Time: 12:59
*The original plan was to swim to the red buoy all three times, but it took me 5 minutes to get there and back comin' out the gate. My swimming abilities are worse than my urban land nav skills so actually making it through the WOD and not drowning was quite an accomplishment. All burpees unbroken.

Throughout the weekend, we climbed up some serious hills that were as bad or worse than that bitch of a hill in Aromas. A part of me wanted a sandbag.

To the right, I've added some goals to accomplish by Close of Business 2009.

Monday, September 7, 2009


9/4 was an additional Rest Day

Warmed up with Power Cleans and Push Jerks. Felt very solid getting up to 165 (bodyweight) with singles. Most likely a PR without going at it 100 percent.

1RM Deadlift.
Pulled 325 safely. Most I've ever pulled is 330 but that was with a rounded back, something I don't plan on ever doing again (competitions withstanding). And considering I pulled 315 on my last CF Total, I'm going to consider this a PR.

Post: Tabata Sprints. Distance: about 800 meters.

Later: Handstand and Pushup work. Got 40 consecutive pushups without hitting muscle failure.

*I've gotten significantly stronger over the last 5 weeks. 155 doesn't scare me anymore and 135 is my new best friend. I'll be on a CFSB program for another 12 or 18 weeks then will switch over to a MEBB program. Many thanks to Jacob Tsypkin who has pushed me to get where I am in such a short period. Watch out Mid-East Quals, I'ma freakin DOMINATE!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Sleep: 7 hrs.

Morning @ UF:
Variety of stuff. Nothing too strenuous.

Row 3K.

Time: 11:09.1
*Goal: 11 min. 500m Splits were 1:51.5. I attempted to keep a sub-1:50 throughout the row, but at about 1K in, it started to slip to about 1:53. With 1K left, it took all I had to row at a sub-1:55. Next time, I've got sub-11. Mentally, these long rows are always a bitch for me. There is no pain like the post-row pain in the legs... and it gets exponentially worse across the 3 minutes after the row has been completed!!!

Walking on hands (new distance PR)
Max Chest-to-Bar Pullups: 28 (PR)