Monday, September 21, 2009


Sleep: 9.5 hrs

Afternoon @ UF:
2 Rounds:
10 Partner ball situps
15 Back extensions

Back Squat 3x5
Loads: 205/210/215 (PR)
*I'm supposed to quit if I hit a PR on the second set, but was feeling really good. With a spotter, I'm pretty sure I can manage 225.

Row 250m
5 Clean & Jerk, 135#
25 Wall Ball Shots, 20#
5 C&J
25 WB
5 C&J
25 WB
Row 250m
Time: 9:09
*C&J done in singles. Very upsetting, though for the first time since beginning CF, all jerks were push jerks. A very big step for me. Also managed to tweak my left knee a little. With some ice, it should be good for tomorrow's activities.

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Ty Jones said...

Can't wait for the oly cert. I've got my box going. I will be open on Nov 1st! But it will be 99% ready to go. So when you're in town, we'll go check it out. Shoot me an email with your flight info at: