Monday, September 7, 2009


9/4 was an additional Rest Day

Warmed up with Power Cleans and Push Jerks. Felt very solid getting up to 165 (bodyweight) with singles. Most likely a PR without going at it 100 percent.

1RM Deadlift.
Pulled 325 safely. Most I've ever pulled is 330 but that was with a rounded back, something I don't plan on ever doing again (competitions withstanding). And considering I pulled 315 on my last CF Total, I'm going to consider this a PR.

Post: Tabata Sprints. Distance: about 800 meters.

Later: Handstand and Pushup work. Got 40 consecutive pushups without hitting muscle failure.

*I've gotten significantly stronger over the last 5 weeks. 155 doesn't scare me anymore and 135 is my new best friend. I'll be on a CFSB program for another 12 or 18 weeks then will switch over to a MEBB program. Many thanks to Jacob Tsypkin who has pushed me to get where I am in such a short period. Watch out Mid-East Quals, I'ma freakin DOMINATE!

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Ryan P said...

congrats man, glad you're getting stronger!