Monday, July 6, 2009


Please offer critiques on form in videos. The first is at 135, the second is at 140.

Morning @ UF:
Various squats, jump roping, handstands
Overhead Squat 10x45

Overhead Squat 3-3-3-3-3
Loads: 95/115/125/135 (PR)/140 (PR)

Max OHS w/ 95#: 12

1 minute of jumping back squats with 45# barbell: 48

4x150m hill sprints


Ryan P said...

hard to tell with the side angle, but how wide is your grip. You look really unsteady at the top for having 135/140. Also, it appears that the weight is back a bit too far placing the bar over your heel, rather than the center of your foot.

Really working on pushing the sky away at the top to keep those active shoulders. Once you get locked out at the top, when it's right, you'll be pretty solid and won't have much movement until a 1RM (at least in my case).

Also, try jerking it rather than push press, save you some shoulder strength and push jerk behind the neck is cake.

Looks good though and keep up the CFSB!!

I'll call you this week, sorry i didnt get back to you, got in late friday night and liz and I moved in together to a new condo this weekend so i had NO time

Ty Jones said...

I should have read the comments before watching the vids. But yeah, you should have your torso more vertical with the weight centered over the center of your foot. With your bar position, it will be VERY hard to keep the bar stable. Keeping it centered with active shoulders and it will feel MUCH more solid. Good depth though!