Saturday, July 25, 2009


Afternoon @ UF:
12 CTB Pullups
12 GHD Situps
12 GHD Back Extensions
12 Squats

Power Snatch 5x2
Loads: 95/115/120/125F/125
*I'm pretty sure 125 is a PR.

10 Rounds of the following; begin each round on the 3 minute mark:
Row 200m
10 Thrusters, 95#

*Originally, I designed this WOD to be one where you go as long as you can until you cannot complete the work above in 3 minutes. About 20 minutes into the workout, I realized that there would be no real end-point, so we set the cut-off at 10 rounds. Still a fucking bruiser of a WOD. Next time, I'll take the time alloted down to 2:45. Every subsequent time will be dropped by 15 seconds, kinda like the way "Chelsea" works.
*Fastest round: ~1:15
*Slowest round: ~2:10

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