Thursday, October 22, 2009

What I Believe

I believe in an adherence to standards.  Chin over bar, squat below parallel, full extension, and chest to deck.

I believe in competition.  Do better than your last performance, the athlete next to you, OPT, Everett, Jolie, etc.

I believe in pride.  If you accomplish, brag.

I believe in camaraderie.  Encourage others and find delight in their achievements. 

I believe in the pursuit of information.  The more you know, the more you grow, even if it proves you wrong.

I believe in eating your meat and veggies.  Like Momma used to say.

I believe in heavy olympic and basic barbell lifts.  If you're not doing them, you're not doing CrossFit.

I believe in having a coach.  You may think you're doing it right, but you're not.

I believe your excuses are not welcome.  They're demotivating and generally useless.

I believe in doing fun new things.  Run, hop, cartwheel, jump, swing, dance, climb, play.


Absolute CrossFit said...

Rich I really like this

Absolute CrossFit said...

Sorry for two posts, but would you mind if I used this for my blog tonight? I'll link it to your blog

Rich Vos said...

go for it!

Absolute CrossFit said...

Thanks Rich!!

Ty Jones said...

This is great stuff man. Cool post!