Friday, June 6, 2008



Army PT

30 min of Basketball

CF Rest Day


Run .25 mile run
40 lunges
20 JJ
10 Push-ups

Crossfit Total:
Shoulder Press: 55 (Prev 55) (37% of body weight)
Back Squat: 130 (Prev 120) (87% of BW)
Deadlift: 185 (Prev 170) (123% of BW)
Total: 370 (Prev 345)

Work Out Breakdown:
SP: 55-60 F (I was able to do 60 4 times as a push press, but unable as just press)
BS: 115-125-130-135F (If I didn't do the workout earlier, I could have made this)
DL: 135-155-165-185-190F (Basically was going to do 175, but couldn't find the weights to do that, so I had to go 185 and did it!!)

Crossfit rest day but I have to make up for some slacking days earlier this week so no rest for Amy!!!

Make-up from yesterday 6/5:
50 JJ (non-stop)
40 wall balls
30 army sit-ups
20 20# dumbell swings
10 push-ups

Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5 reps

80-95-105-115-125 (PR!)

(Previous 70-75-80-90-100F)

GREAT WORKOUT!!! Felt like I might fail at the 125 mark, but wanted to get that PR. Highest before this was 120 on the Crossfit total.

Let's see if I can walk tomorrow!!!

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