Monday, June 9, 2008


wu: KB Work

WOD1: 10 RFT

12 Burpees
12 Pullups

Time: 18:10

KB Work
20 60# Thrusters
2:00 Row (nose-breathing only): 483m... Brutal!


Backwards running practice
50 JJ
30 reverse sit-ups

CF Brand X:
4 rounds for time of:
12 Burpees
12 Pull-ups

Time: 17:25

Need to work on burpees to be one solid movement. Mine are very fragmented. Incorporated burpee practice into wu. Prescribed wod was for 5, but at the end of round 4, my legs were jell-o and the arms weren't much better. with burpee practice, next time i'll get 5 rounds! my arms are still shaking!!


Run 400 meters (.25mi)
Run 100 meters backwards (.06mi)
Run 400 meters
Run 100 meters backwards

Attempted this workout, but started feeling really ill in the first tenth of a mile. Had to stop, dizzy, light-headed and queasy. Not sure what that is all about, maybe the burpees, maybe the backwards run practice. It's an hour later and I still feel icky, so who knows. Will try again another day. Feel a bit like I failed in the work-out department today, but I did try hard. Next wod will be better!!

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Just Passin' Through said...

Way to go Amy. You are doing an awasome job at your CrossFit training. Keep up the great job. Cheryl