Thursday, January 22, 2009


Morning @ PCF
75 Double Unders (finally got a hang of 'em!)
2 Rounds of:
10 Box Jump, 30"
10 KB Swings, 53#/35#
10 PVC OHS10 Situps

Ten Rounds of:
3 Weighted Pullups, 35#
5 Strict Pullups
7 Kipping Pullups
Log sets (each time you drop off bar) and time.

Sets: 54
Time: 21:40Destruction after today's WOD.

A delicious 5-block meal with 3x Fat.
Sauted: 3 Cups Mushrooms, 1 1/4 Cup Green Peppers, 1 Cup Green Beans, 5 oz chicken (4tsp EVOO).
1 Orange
10 tsp Natural Peanut Butter
6 Almonds


Ryan P said...

good job this morning man, that time is no joke! Just saw you're from Kentucky, what brings you to DC and PCF?

Ryan P said...

when you first said inauguration I have to admit I was a little worried. But then your second comment cleared things ok, glad to see were on the same team. Next time were in you'll have to expand a little bit about what you do.