Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Morning @ PCF:
2 Rounds of:
100 Single Unders
15 Spider Lunges
10 50# KB Swings
"Heavy Fran"
15-12-9 of:
135# Thrusters
45# Pullups
Time: 13:18
Post: Stretching & 3x 10sec L-Sit

S: 1P/1C/3F
1oz turkey 1P
6 lg strawbry 1C
9 pecans 3F

B: 3.5P/3.5C/12F
1 chz stick 1P/4F
2oz turkey 2P
1/2cup cshws .5P/.5C/8F
1 apple 2C
6 lrg strbry 1C

L: 5P/4C/15F

18 pecans 6F

3 carrots 3C

5 strawberry 1C

5oz chckn 5P

9tsp Pnt Btr 9F

S: 1P/1C/3F

1 chz stick 1P

1/2 cucumber 1C

9 pecans 3F

D: 5P/5C/17F

5oz steak 5P/2F

1 pita 3C

2 cups beans 2C

10 tsp PB 10F

15 pecans 5F


1 chz stick 1P

1/2 apple

12 pecans 4F

TOTAL: 16.5P/15.5C/54F

1 comment:

Ryan P said...

yo nice work today, those thrusters were killing me. WRT tomorrow, I may be taking the day off. I got some lower back pain from deadlifts and surprisingly, my triceps are still sore from Sunday's pushup/push jerk workout??? Thinking may have a little DOMS. But yea, as of right now, i'm going to take a rest day tomorrow, or perhaps just hit tabata squats/double unders at home to give the arms/low back a rest.