Tuesday, May 26, 2009

26 May

Evening @ UF:
400m Run (VFF)
3 Rounds:
10 OHS, 45#
15 Pushups
10 Pullups, chin over bar

5 Rounds:
30 GHD Situps
25 Back Extensions
Time: 10:27 (PR by 31 sec)
*Here's another one to get under 10 min.  to accompany Run 400/50 Squat and "Elizabeth".



Kate said...

Thanks Rich! I made one visit to my local affiliate, but unfortunately don't have the money to join just yet (saving to start a family). I'm just going to have to keep myself motivated in the short term:)!

Kate said...

Ha! I WISH I could get the hubs to do it with me. Maybe I can find some super fit chick to work out with me & push me along. We'll see. :)

I know, eating zone is expensive! But at least I'm used to eating the same things so grocery shopping is simpler (even if it's not cheaper!).