Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Evening @ UF:
A bunch of Kettlebell swings, Knees to elbows, Box Jumps, and Back Extensions

Tabata Something Else.
Tabata of each:
Pullups, chest to bar
Pushups, chest to deck
Situps, feet together w/ Ab Mat
Squats, below parallel w/o butt ball
Score: 403 (PR)
*Though I am always very strict with my WODs, I was extremely strict with this one.  I did not count any pullups where my chest did not touch the bar, situps that did not end before the buzzer, and the same with the squats.  No alibis with pushups either.  Very happy with another big PR.  Zone, rest, and mental drive are big factors.

Nutrition: 16/13/60

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Ryan P said...

dude, that is a monster score!!! Looks like your dialed in right for the quals!!!!