Thursday, June 18, 2009


Afternoon @ UF:
15 Back Extensions
20 Mountain Climbers
Run 800m
15 Back Extensions
20 Pushups

Hang Power Snatch
1x 105/105/95/105/115/115/120/120
*Red numbers: Had problems with stability at the end of the lift.  Couldn't quite stick it without putting a foot forward to keep my balance.

AMRAP in 20 min of :
15 115# Hang Power Cleans
12 Ring Dips
21 AbMat Situps
Rounds: 7 (+12 HPC)
*Did Power Cleans because of Front Squats tomorrow. Very happy with today's output.  I'm taking some advice from Dutch Lowy and no longer shooting goals of time or rounds, but better technique and pacing.  In today's WOD, I had two goals: don't drop into my resting squat (something I have a real problem with) and keep a solid 5-5-5 pace on the HPCs.  Very happy that both were met.  From now on, there may be some slower times or rounds, but for the time being, the point of the WODs will be to do them with full ROM and much better technique and consistency.  Intensity will follow with time.

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