Friday, June 19, 2009


Morning @ UF:

Shoulder Press 5-5-5
Loads: 115/115/120
SP 1x15
Load: 85

5 Rounds of:
7 Handstand Pushups
11 KB Swings, 1.5 pood
Time: 6:24
*Good WOD. Had to scale down to 1.5 pood due to completely destroyed traps.

Max Dead Hang Pullup: 12

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Kate said...

FASCINATING! I really need to read his book. I wish everything I read everywhere didn't completely contradict everything he says. It's really sad that people are given such horrible information from respectable sources.

I try to teach my mom that carbs/sugar are the reason people gain weight, but she is trying to get my dad to eat less meat. My sister is practically on a vegetarian diet now. And I'm a contradiction as well b/c I don't eat meat. It's hard to tell someone that eating protein and meat is healthy when you're a vegetarian:)haha.

I'm going to try to start eating meat again (after almost a decade), but first I have to find a farm that humanely raises and especially humanely butchers their animals. Sadly, this is not an easy feat.