Thursday, August 27, 2009


Morning @ UF:
10 Wall Balls
10 Box Jumps
10 Clapping Pushups
10 KB Swings
5 K2E
Walking on hands
10 pullups
1x135 Front Squat

Front Squat 5-5-5
Loads: 195/205 (PR)/X
*So happy about the PR!

Back Squat 1x10
Load: 185
*I think I did 11, which means I should have gone heavier.

7 Rounds of:
7 Burpees
7 Knees-to-Elbows
14 Double Unders
Time: 7:12
*Pretty solid performance but had a shoestring mishap midway through. 3 rounds of double unders unbroken, which is fine by me!

10 Parallete pushups w/ feet on box
3x4 Skin the Cat, feet extended
2x10 CTB Pullups

*Next Week is Test Week and am stoked to find out how much weight I can throw on that hunk of metal.

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Kate said...

Hey Rich, yeah, I sent you a friend request.