Saturday, August 8, 2009


Sleep: 7 hrs

Morning @ UF:
2 Rounds:
5 L-Pullup
10 Pushup
10 C&J, 75#

CFSB: Press 3x3
Loads: 130/140F(2)/135

AMRAP in 12 min:
10 Front Squat, 135#
15 GHD Situps
Rounds: 7 (+8)
*Mentally, this was a very difficult WOD. Looking back on it, it's frustrating to know that the time I spent staring at the bar and feeling sorry for myself could have been used to get the last 2 FS and final 15 GHDs. Walked into the WOD unmotivated and with little sleep.

Post: Max Dead Hang Pullups: 13/11/10

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