Thursday, April 2, 2009


Evening @ UF:
10x Pullups C2B/Ring Dips/Situps/Squats/KB Swings/Double Unders

"Bear Complex"
Loads: 100 (PR)/115 (PR)/125F/120F/XXX
*Video of PR here.  I hate this WOD.  I got so down after failing at 125, it was hard to stay in the game.  I tried 120, but only got two rounds.  After the games qualifier, I'm hitting CrossFit with a Strength Bias.  Barbells make me cry.  Been having a grumpy week and it has transfered to the Zone. I haven't fallen off, but I find myself eating nuts in between meals.  I've got to dial something in.

Here are the WODs for Saturday at the Fittest Games (OUCH!):
Couldn't compete because the flight to Austin, TX was booked solid.  No Games for me.

1st Workout

4 Rounds for Time - 20 minute cap

Phat Running Cindy

400 Meter Run

5 Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

15 Squats (Men - 115lb Women - 80lb)

*All Pull Ups are Chest to Bar

2nd Workout

20 Minute Cap

500 Meter Row

10 Full Squat Clean Men – 155lb Women – 100lb

2 Pull Ups

8 Full Squat Clean

4 Pull Ups

6 Full Squat Clean

6 Pull Ups

4 Full Squat Clean

8 Pull Ups

2 Full Squat Clean

10 Pull Ups

500 Meter Row

*All Pull Ups are Chest to Bar


Ryan P said...

wow, those WOD's are awful.

Good Luck!!!

Ryan P said...

yea i'll be participating in the games prep this wknd. I havent done a chest to bar pullup in about 3 weeks, guess i need to get on those.

Ryan P said...


it's time you did
"The Bear Complex"

once completed, rest 8 minutes and do tabata sprints.


Kate said...

I just saw this post... that sucks that you don't get to go to the qualifiers! I'm sorry that a stupid flight kept you from competing.

Great job on the PR with the "Bear Complex". My thought on watching that video was "What the hell is THAT!". Looks like a killer. :)