Monday, April 6, 2009


CFSB Day 2
Evening @ UF:
2 Rounds of:
10 Ring Dips
10 Pullups
10 Situps
10 Squats

Deadlift 3-3-3 ...then 1x15-20
Loads: 255/285/295
*Damn! Forgot the last round of deads!

Metcon less than 10 min:
30 GHD Situps
5 Rounds of: 5 Push Jerk, 115# / 10 Burpees
30 GHD Situps
Time: 8:07
*I originally had 135# in mind but I'm just not that strong and my push jerk form needs some serious work.

Post Skill:
3 Rounds of max L-Pullups: 6/6/5

6 strips centercut bacon 2P/5F
2 eggs 2P
2 egg whites 1P
1/2 cantelope 2C
1 cup strawberries 1C
1/2 apple 1C
3 cups mushrooms/peppers 1C
peanut butter 6F
almonds 14F

hard boiled egg 1P
salmon 4P/4F
mixed veggies 2C
apple sauce 1C
strawberries/melon 2C
33 almonds 11F
5 tsp peanut butter 10F

2 cups strawberries 2C
2 hard boiled eggs 2P
30 pecans 10F

sliced chicken 1.5P
3 egg whites 1.5P
6 centercut bacon 2P/5F
30 almonds 10F
9 pecans 3F
5 tsp peanut butter 10F
fruit salad 4C
slice rye bread 1C

1/2 Zone bar 1P/1C/1F
15 almonds 5F

Total: 18/18/94

1 comment:

Ryan P said...

do you tolerate dairy? Whole milk is a super easy way to get some blocks in ya as you start to increase.

Also, are you just picking the met-cons or are they outlined in the strength-bias program? If you're just picking them, you should try some from CF Football, they have some goodies.

lost 15lbs on my deadlift this morning, not happy about it and want to do strength bias NOW