Friday, March 21, 2008


Buddy WOD

Buddy 1 does as many of the exercise as he/she can until failure.  At which point, Buddy 2 picks up at the number Buddy 1 left off.  Continue alternating until the team reaches 100 of each exercise.  Buddies alternate leading for each exercise.  No rest in between exercises.  1 Round for time.

100 Squats

100 KB Swings (A: 15#, R: 35#)

100 Ball Jumps (side to side over a 6" ball)

100 Back Extensions (on stability ball)

100 Squats

Buddy Time: 18:49

Not as grueling as I had hoped. Next time, should alternate by 10's... keeps the heart kickin.


Extra bench work sets: 55# PR

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