Tuesday, February 10, 2009


CrossFit Rest Day

*woke up full, though I ate a normal meal before bed.
B: 4P/3C/14F
  • 4oz steak 4P/2F
  • 3cups mushrooms 1C
  • apple 2C
  • almonds 12F
S: 2P/2C/14F
  • 2 strng chz 2P/8F
  • almonds 6F
  • apple 2C
L: 4P/3C/13F
  • steak/pork 4P/2F
  • almonds 11F
  • sweet potato 3C
S: 2P/2C/14F
  • Fudgecicle 1C
  • string chz 2P/8F
  • almonds 6F
  • sweet potato 1C
D: 4P/3.5C/13F
  • mush/broccoli 2C
  • sausage 4P/.5C/10F
  • 1/2 apple 1C
  • walnuts 3F
Total: 16P/13.5C/68F
*a little over on the fat today, and not the best carb sources, but it's a rest day.

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Ryan P said...

dude, technically, your on the main .com!!! haha I think thats you in the background intro to the primal video. christy tore that up!