Friday, February 27, 2009


Morning @ PCF:
Inchworm Pushups
Pistol variation

21-15-9 of:
Ring Dips
Handstand Pushups

Time: 8:45
*First 14 HSPU as rx'd.  Then moved to a piked ass on a 30" box.

Find Max Box Jump: 47" (67% of height) PR by 1.5"

S: 2P/2C/6F
3oz turkey 2P
apple 2C
almonds 6F

Damn conference had NO protein or fat for breakfast! Had to wait till 1pm to eat. Had to eyeball B/L.
B: 5P/7C/18F
salad 1C
piece of bread w/ butter 1C/8F
fish 5P
cake 6C/10F
*must have been good portions because I felt good afterward.  No spike in insulin.

L: 6P/4C/10F
organic chicken & broccoli 6P/10F
rice 4C
*felt good after this one too.

D: 4P/4C/12F
pita avacado turkey pizza 3P/3C/3F
peanuts 9F
1/2 apple 1C
string cheese 1P

S: 2P/2C/6F
2 beers 2C
turkey 2C
almonds 6F

Total: 19P/19C/48F
*Once again, total estimations, but not bad for a day at a conference.

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Ryan P said...

47" jump, nice!! I've never found my max jump, I have no idea what it would be