Sunday, February 22, 2009


Evening @ PCF:
Parallete work
Jump to ring hold
10 strict pullups

3 minutes each of:
20# Slam Ball
20# Wall Ball
Total Score: 293
*Done with 17# vest.
*I know I got 74 pushups.  Situps unbroken.

Post: 2 Rounds of 6 unbroken L-Pullups.  Later @ home: 26 Birthday Burpees!

My Birthday gift from the Wife (she got one for herself too, which I think is way cooler).  On the back it says
S: 2P/2C/6F
2 cheese sticks 2P
almonds 6F
apple 2C

L: 4P/3C/12F
mushrooms & salsa 2C
blueberries 1C
chicken 4P
almonds 12F

S: 2P/2C/6F
turkey 2P
apple 2C
almonds 6F

D: 4P/3C/12F
turkey sausage 4P
brussel sprouts 1.5C
strawberries 1C
blueberries .5C
olive oil ... quite enough

D2: 4.5P/3.5C/12F
stuffed bell peppers 4.5P/3.5C/6F
almonds 6F

Total: 16.5P/13.5C/~48F

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Ryan P said...

happy birthday bud!!