Thursday, February 5, 2009


CrossFit Rest Day/Injured

B: 4P/4C/12F
4oz pork 4P/2F
4 carrots 4C
30 almonds 10F

S: 2C
Coffee w/ sugar

L: 4P/2C/12F
4oz pork 4P/2F
2 carrots 2C
30 walnuts 10F

D: 4P/4C/12F
4oz pork 4P/2F
2 carrots 2C
3 cups broccoli 1C
1 tomato 1C
30 almonds 10F
*little tired after this meal... was freakin huge.

S: 4P/4P/12F
pita 3C
1/2cup sauce 1C
1 trky sausage 2P/6F
1/2 cup cheese 2P/6F

Total: 16P/18C/48F


Q said...

Rich, this is Q from Primal. Sorry it took so long, but I finally got your "Fran" posted on youtube. Link: Again, sorry dude. If I don't see you, best of luck at the Qualifier bro...

Anonymous said...

Put your daily total in here, I'm bad at math.

Also, get better coffee and your need for sugar and cream goes away. Murky in Arlington has some great stuff.

Last thing, don't be afraid of variety. Most people who eat too much of one or two things are more likely to go crazy and binge.