Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Morning @ PCF:
20 consecutive double unders (PR)run, skip
BJ pushups
slow squats
40 jumping jacks
PVC work
21-15-9 of:

135# Squat Clean
Ring Dips
Time: 10:45 (PR)
*Was gunnin for sub-10. Oh well. Next time.

Post: Roll-outs and 3x20sec L-Sit

B: 4P/4C/12F
  • 4oz pork 4P
  • sweet potato 3.5C
  • strawberries .5C
  • almonds 12F

L: 4P/3C/12F

  • turkey chili 4P/3C/8F
  • almonds 4F
S: 2P/2C/6F
  • 2oz turkey 2P
  • almonds 6F
  • apple sauce 1C
  • strawberries 1C
*was jonesin' for carbs the whole afternoon.  took some discipline not to go crazy.
S: 2P/2C/6F
  • 2oz turkey 2P
  • walnuts 6F
  • mushrooms 1C
  • salsa 1C
D: 4P/3.25C/12F
  • Stuffed chicken bell peppers 4P/3.25C/9F
  • pecans 3F
Total: 16P/14.25C/48F

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