Monday, February 23, 2009


CrossFit Rest Day

B: 4P/3C/12F
4.5oz deli turkey 3P
2 zone muffins 1P/1C/1F
pecans 11F
blueberries 2C

S: 2P/2C/6F
turkey 2P
strawberries 2C
pecans 6F

L: 4P/3C/12F
chicken 4P
salsa 1C
cherry tomatoes 1C
1/2 apple 1C
walnuts 12F

S: 20F
needed some pecans to hold me over... ~20F

D: 7P/8C/12F
steamed chicken & broccoli, ~7P/3C
sauce ~5C
pecans 12F
chocolate chips...

S: 1P/1C/1F
glass of red wine 1C
3 pecan halves 1F
cheese stick 1P

Total: 18P/17C/63F... plus some chocolate chips...

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