Saturday, February 14, 2009


Morning @ PCF:
25 Jumping Squats
15 Supermans
25 Jumping Squats
Practice Consecutive Double Unders

Team WOD:
3 Rounds of:
2 min Row (count calories)
2 min Burpees
No Rest

Team Score: 274
*Done with a 17 pound vest (10% BW).  Amy was my partner.
*Burpee breakdown: 31/26/17

B: 4P/3.5C/12.5F
  • breakfast burrito 2.5C/2.5C/2.5F
  • blueberries 1C
  • 1.5oz chicken 1.5P
nuts 10F
S: 2P/2C/6F
  • 18 almonds 6F
  • 2oz chicken 2P
  • 1 cucumber 2C
...the rest of the day:
  • bison steak ~7P/4F
  • sweet potato ~7C/4F
  • dinner roll ~2C (totally worth it)
  • beer 2C
  • sangria 3C
  • string cheese 2P/8F
  • pecans 10F
  • bison steak 5P
Total: 15P/19.5C/44.5
*Definitely felt the booze and carbs the next day.

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Ryan P said...

I'm going to hit Cindy tomorrow morning and then I'm off to Colorado for the week (gonna train at CrossFit SOCOS). I'll be back for the weekend though, hopefully we can do a bday WOD. Helen would be fun, I haven't done her yet and I've been dieing to. If all else fails, I got a 1.5pood kettlebell and rings that i hang from the tree outside my townhouse and a mapped 400m run haha