Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Morning @ PCF:
Run/Skip Laps
20 Squats
Long Jumps up and back

1 Pullup the first minute, 2 Thrusters the second minute, 3 Pullups the third... until failure of reps/minute.

Results: Gave it my all in the 14th minute of thrusters and completed it. On the second pullup of the 15th minute, I fell onto my lower back/hip/ass. Not fun. Gimping.

Post: Squirming and Cursing.

B: 4P/2.3C/13F
3oz steak 3P/2F
21 almonds 7F
cucumber 2C
2C mushrooms .3C
chz stick 1P/4F

L: 4P/2C/12F
4oz chx 4P
2 carrots 2C
36 almonds 12F

S: 4P/4C/12F
3oz pork 3P/2F
cucumber 2C
2 carrots 2C
1 chz stick 1P/4F
18 almonds 6F

S: 2P/2C/10F
1oz pork 1P
1 chz stick 1P/4F
walnuts 6F
2 carrots 2C

D: 2P/3C/6F
2oz pork 2P
6tsp PB 6F
1 pita 3C

Total: 12P/11.3C/53F
(I am also taking 360 brand fish oil... 3 capsuls 3 times/day)
I think I finally found a way to get 5 meals in without feeling hungry throughout the day.  After each meal, I felt pretty good.

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Ryan P said...

i've never really wanted to zone, because I'm constantly trying to gaining and always thought the zone was to calorie restrictive. As I crossfit more, I care less about putting on size (although it is still a minor concern) and more about performance. I'm thinking about starting the zone even if my blocks are too high, just to get 40/30/30 portions correctly. What are you're thoughts since you've gone on it? Have you lost any weight? Thats the last thing I want right now.